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To lay me down, In silence easy, To be born again... -Van M.

On Being Reborn

On being reborn (again, many times day) i write: one of the most useful learnings i have found in the last few years was at the Yoga Service Conference when Sharon Salzberg was teaching. After a lovely meditation session, someone asked if she ever fell off her practice, forgot, what ever. Sharon answered with a kindly smile, What else?

What else is there but forgetting and remembering again—that precious moment when the mind and body reawaken to the Truth that being present is everything. It's all we get, and yes it's fine to make plans and anticipate trajectories; that's part of the fun of living (on a good day). But the most sincere way to honor this Life is to be fully present to it. And that means paying attention, to everything—all the details— and then going beyond. Perceive this, and what is beyond the everyday, that which is not constrained by birth and death, that which is Eternal, not transient. Do all that, every moment. That's being mindful.

So what Sharon alluded to was this. We all forget, regularly, we will all be distracted by the shiny and the scary, but every time we remember, every time we pause from fixating on the temporal, every time we pull back in awe and allow ourselves to be overwhelmed with gratefulness at the Perfection of all this...

every time we remember, and return to our practice, allow ourselves to ground into the earth in utmost humility, every time we breathe in deeply and slowly in simple wonder, we are reborn. It's that easy.

And none of this spacious ability to perceive All Love and the majesty of Creation is that hard to learn. It just takes practice.

Smiles, m


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