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An example of mindfulness, b/c sometimes those help, is how I was walking back to the hotel room from the ross dress for less. I had paid $8.48 for some shorts, and I was crossing the parking lot (massive, I was on the back 8th) and a giant truck comes and stops so I can go through, in front of them, on my way. I demur, step back, and allow, nay insist they go first. It was cold, so I appreciated their generosity, but I calculated in that instance—based on patterns I have noticed—that if I crossed that truck driver's path, he'd have to expend energy running through contingency plans in case he had a (second?) heart attack and half slumped, half spasm'd and rictus leg-jammed the accelerator in one of those freak accidents, and i'd have to worry the same, every step. There were other horrors that could befall, but the 10 seconds it would have taken would have passed quickly, but, and here's the mindfulness part, I didn't want to spend that minute that way. It would take time to prepare to cross, even an inhale, then many many steps to be rid of all that, and I wanted that minute for myself, for being reverent and grateful for the abundance and the Beauty, being humbled and filled with thanksgiving that I get to do the good works I am blessed to be part of. I wanted that minute to be mindful every instance that I would live through, and that's what I chose. The truck driver eventually realized I wasn't going first, and went, and soon, very soon, forgot about me completely. But I didn't, or at least, so I say :-)


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