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today's word of the hour.


[i always like this part, where does this word come from? who said it before me, and for how long has it been part of the vernacular, or at least the literate lexicon of this, and eras past...]

[who used this word today on planet earth, or who wrote it in 1882, in any English speaking land, and what were they wearing...?]

This is a newer word, 19th century.

(from Greek hilaros ‘cheerful’)


way funny, but in a happy way, exceedingly amusing


'exceedlingly' is a grand adverb to be caught up in all this. it means beyond something, right? going past expectations or norms. how awesome is that?

so w/ hilarious we're not talking ordinary mirth, but off-the-charts/a-number-one mirth!!!

wow. all that in so few letters.

the dictionary declares: "hilarious - boisterously merry: an old man was in hilarious conversation with three young men."

yay for the old dude!

use this word well.

always, :-) m


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