Just a word, a hard-working word...

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today's word of the moment, wotm.


[i still like this part...]

from Old French, dig that, which means 7, 8 hundred years ago. Yay, a venerable word.

So Homage, whence, right? the question we all share.

i satisfy... from homo- man/human/person. A root element. Amazing.

So homage is to pay respect and give grops to our shared humanity.

Let's own this word. Let's make it ours, now, in the byways of this, our only modern world.


It's a Latinate word, meaning old Rome, Florence, Popes and all that drama. It's a word that goes to the olds expressions of words that one day became English. I bow.


gender-wise, i'm wide open. I accept all. Not only is there not just the wickedly limiting binary of man-woman (and nothing else), but when you really do the math, when you own what's obvious, it's clear there are as many genders as kinds of flowers. Pause, breathe, release, accept. Tur dat.

Hence, reality is more varied than ever we believed. But we already knew that.


Ok, great, but throw down some useful examples, Sir.

Ok, dig this: [i need a good quote about homage...]

OK, we make one up ourselves...

I pay homage each Breath to all Life that has ever lived, and to the Spirit Divine which animates each cell of each of us. May the next Breath, and the one that follows, forever, be driven more than anything by Love, and by that be Enough. Thank you. Yrs, me.


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