i wonder about my place in the universe

possibly related

where do i fit

it's been a long time since i felt home, a sense of place on this dear Earth. the deeper i go into my own adventure of living, the more i follow the longings of my soul, the more i feel displaced from among the living here on this marvelous planet.

it's not that i feel poorly about myself or any of this, quite the contrary. it's just that my understandings of the nature of the 3d and 4th dimensions.

to continue the story

we just left off here, and i was saying, that to me, it's obvious that we are not of these dimensions. parts of us are, and bodyminds are fleshy af, i get, and there's infinitely more, whole dimensions more, like a thousand times bigger, or 980 times bigger, or 30,000...

way bigger. and that space is composed of Love, it's eternal edges are little fabric of Love, like literally. that's mind blowing to me!

and not only are the edges made of Love, so is the entire atmosphere. imagagine however you want, and it takes a bit of time so be spacious. when you can kick back for a few, imagine an entire ecosystem, all the plants and creature cohabiting some planet somewhere within billions of galaxies, each filled w/ billions of stars. the math...

so we are precious. and the fifth dimension is the dimension of Love, and here's the good part, when you account for everyone, for our eternal, sacred and unbreakable connectedness, you can't do anything but be in Awe at the intricate, compassionate Beauty of it all. and we are a living, vital, unique part of it—and i say that not as gloss or hyperbole, but as a scientist. Those are facts.

We are living. Across all history for eons, we are living now. that is rad no matter how you look at it.

We are vital, meaning we are alive (root definition) and we are important, to the cosmos and to humanity, to all life on Earth. we have such a chance to do amazing things...

So, if we think of ourselves as 3d and 4th dimension being, the labor we have is to claw and crawl our way out of the incestuous muck of terra gone stale. we are not meant to be mired with a scant chance at arduous, upwards mobility, that's too much work. We are already of Love, innately, by birth. that's the amazing part. it's the part that if you know it you don't need religion. you're good. you may like the pagentry and the community and the donuts, and that's cool, but you have figured out enugh truth on your own to have scarcely any need for articles of faith alone.

You must rely on your own senses of perception, all of them, for the misinformation is rife and rampant, and shows no signs of slowing, so we must develop other faculties, those of inner perception, deep-earth empathy, radical compassion, seven-generation logic, and Love.

Seriously, this

We are created with these crazy capacities to perceive multiple arrays of sensory, cognitive, and metaphysical information. Like we're born that way; how rad is that?!

So we have these mad potentialities, how do we put them to use, and get better at doing so? Practice.

That's what pratice is. It's the thing you do so that you can get closer to Love, so that you can become a person who harms less, helps more, and give thanks more and more each day.

We breathe. Slowly and deeply, and we marvel at that.

That's practice number one.

Holy shit

Two things: one, i hope one day you perceive stuff as being as rad and amazing as i do all the time. and two, if you already do that, teach me what you know, please, or what wisdom of mine can i swap w/ yours, and we both become twice as wise :-)

Nice. Well played m.

Oh yeah, connected. We are all connected. Go there. It's all one. You can still do the parts, like made love college football and autumn saturdays, even irrationally so, and that's all good, and this is the whole main bonus of living from the fifth dimension instead of the 3d and 4th. you get to have fun and not suffer whacked (but appropriate) consequences. You just explore All Love in every form possible, total consent, total opt in, total needs met now we can play.

The journey is has been met.


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