i write about nine dimensions, as if it makes some sort of sense.

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nine dimensions of consciousness

from a woman named Barbara Hand Clow came a book and teaching around The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions of consciousness; i haven't read the whole book, but i appreciate the framing, and i have found it quite personally useful.

For me, i find myself to be a being of the fifth dimension, literally a being of All Love. i feel like i am here on a mission to help everyone realize our true nature—that we each are beings of Love.

There's stuff in the book about 2012, and Mayans, and i'm not sure about any of that. i seem to adopt pieces of sacred teachings like a crow nicking bits and bobs of once shiny now soft things, all of which seems to acrete into something i can use to feel better alive. Here's a nice write up of the nine:

  1. The first of Earth's nine dimensions of consciousness is the iron core crystal in the centre of our planet.

  2. The second dimension is the realm between the iron core crystal and the curved crust of the Earth.

  3. The third dimension is the dimension of linear space and time that we humans live in with other biological creatures and plants.

  4. The fourth dimension is the realm of the human collective mind, the amalgam of individual thoughts and feelings that meld and weave into archetypal patterns.

  5. The fifth dimension is the realm of light that centres in the human heart and is resonant with Earth's biological creatures and plants.

  6. The sixth dimension is the realm of geometric forms that replicate as plants, animals, humans, and material objects in 3D, which is called morphogenesis.

  7. The seventh dimension is a realm of cosmic sound that generates the 6D geometric forms by vibrational resonance.

  8. The eighth dimension is the realm of the Divine Mind - Light - that manifests through the visible light spectrum in 3D.

  9. The ninth dimension emanates out of the black hole in the centre of the Milky Way.

Here we get into Pleiadians, and black holes as the source of time in the nine-dimensional vertical axis from Earth's iron core crystal to the centre of the Milky Way. I'm not there yet.

The Dimension of Love

In the meantime, zero in for a sec on the fifth dimension, right in the middle four on either side. The fifth dimension is at the heart of all these universes of ours.

The fifth dimnsion is the dimension of Love.

To me, the whole way it works is that we are at heart and truly, fifth dimension beings. We are Love.

We are here to experience, learn, interact, and ultimately enjoy being alive. Like really really enjoy being alive, like plunge in full on and dance and hike and fuck and make merry, all the while tending the crops and well rearing the children. Being an adult is supposed to be as amazing as the wondrous childhoods we hope, in our best hours, for every kid.

But as long as we think we are of the 3d and 4th dimension beings, that that is the ultimate evolution of our souls to date, we will suffer. We will be found (and bound) inside of time, and we will suffer. Sure, we'll have a ton of fun for a time, but then we will suffer. It's Newtonian, messy, earthly truth. So be it and see it coming. Own your truth, own every iota of output from the chunrnings of your existence. own every word, gesture, hope, intent, dream, suggestion, and deed.

The thing is, we are not of the 3d and 4th dimension. that is a myth, most commonly promulagated by those who would, and do, take advantage of our soul's inate generosity. Fuck that by the way. Be nice! (not you, mean people.)

OK, this is meant to be a glossary entry, so i think i've said enough, and will have to let other essays flesh this out.

Love, m

ps, check out this writing, which follows on well connected


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