i admit that we gotta go for it, b/c we are the people we've been waiting for...

the "Surviving Mindfulness" collection:

  1. surviving mindfulness
  2. surviving mindfulness, study yourself
  3. surviving mindfulness, the infinite Love edition
  4. surviving mindfulness, epilog

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fine print

when you sign up to be mindful, be sure to read the caveats in the small font at the bottom of the agreement.

This world—my world at least—seems crazy. The amount of life churning through every second, creatures succumbing to disease and triumphing over mayhem, expanding inner worlds of perception and witnessing. it's all so vast.

that's what you sign up for.

There's three stages, i've decided:

  1. you are not aware. can be fun for a while but then there's these moments where the fabric gets ripped wide open, sometimes only for a second, and you realize there's way way more going on than you ever imagined.

  2. you start practicing at mindfulness in whatever way you can, as earnestly as you are able, and you become more aware—frankly—of everything. But it comes in waves. you become more aware of your breathing, your thoughts, your body's sensations, and the interplay between all that every moment. and then you start to explore the space between the breaths, your own ability to witness your own goings on, and the true connectivity of everything, but bodymind is still enmeshed in the here-and-now! the pull of the 3d and 4th dimensions is immense, but not Massive. the dimensions of sight and sound and mind are smaller than eternity.

  3. you glimpse infinity! something amazing happens!! you have this moment of absolute, indescribable perfection, and you want to shout it out and stay there and hold onto it forever but that's the exact impossible path; you just get to be in it, that's all and that's enough.

And these stages are not linear steps, they are fast intertwining moment by moment experiences, and suddenly you realize, that's all you ever get.


there is a certain "showing up" that i am witnessing, everywhere i go, where ordinary people like you and i, not controllers or rulers but regular folk, are showing up to the present moment, and not just being 'here and now' for no purpose, but showing up with right mindfulness, which is living in the Now with Love as both your guide and your inspiration. (from there Compassion flourishes and suffering goes down.)

More and more of us every day are showing up to that sacred task, in simple ways, on the ground, everywhere, all the time.

This is cause for mad celebration, but not complacency. it is an important time to be paying attention, to be trusting Love, b/c change is happening faster and faster all the time, and with such velocity, tipping points are reached far more quickly than ever before. carrying-capacity is bruised and demand has never been higher.

some examples of the sheer scale of life on earth today:

  • there are massive floating debris fields of human-made trash across the oceans; these are diminishing food-webs just when more humans exist to be hungry than ever
  • the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico is covered in a foot of crude oil from the Horizon spill; it's damaged like that in innumerable places
  • the Large Hadron Collider in Europe is poised to accelerate matter way faster than ever, and scientists "at Cern in Switzerland believe they might find miniature black holes which would reveal the existence of a parallel universe."
  • more school children than ever before breathe and become mindful before lessons right here on planet earth
  • water is running out in California, and giant methane craters are opening in Siberia and...
  • truth is seeping out and control structures can't keep up with ubiquitous communication and the transparency it is bringing, and evil is being illuminated and called to cease
  • 100 million tulips are in bloom planetwide this week, and more people love one another than ever before!!
  • the list is endless...

It's a wild time to be alive, peeps,

and we are the people we've been waiting for; i checked. :-)


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