mindfulness is not a free-ride to bliss and i don't want oversell it...

the "Surviving Mindfulness" collection:

  1. surviving mindfulness
  2. surviving mindfulness, study yourself
  3. surviving mindfulness, the infinite Love edition
  4. surviving mindfulness, epilog

possibly related

we remain

as long as you are still here, reading this, breathing in and out, you have a chance to Love.

that's amazing actually.

go for becoming mindful, practice, and when you get there, Love, and do what you will.

Bless, m


here's some paragraphs i lifted from earlier versions of this collection, and didn't want to discard altogether. it just seemed i was being a tad polemic there for a moment, so cutting room floor it was.

hmm, i see a word of the day. :-) m

...we sometimes get to leap quantum levels, parcours of the bodymind.

The world is gigantic in which we live, imagine unfolding... a revealing that shows how small we are, how we're mere cells in the universe at large, but still madly complete, totally unique and utterly important.

that's what mindfulness practices of all kind bring, and have given to me: everything. it's all here now, and there's nothing else, which is good, b/c, to paraphrase Steven Wright, where would we put it?

I feel an earnest searching, an ongoing engagement with what is, and then suddenly, with crisp alacrity, a shroud dissolves revealing far more vastness, and Wonder, than ever before. Breath comes quickly, breathe out slowly boy. Oh my...


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