mindfulness is not a free-ride to bliss and i don't want oversell it...

the "Surviving Mindfulness" collection:

  1. surviving mindfulness
  2. surviving mindfulness, study yourself
  3. surviving mindfulness, the infinite Love edition
  4. surviving mindfulness, epilog

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don't overpromise

It's not all instantly perfect b/c i breathe in attentively on my cigarette break. It's not suddenly awe-strikingly beautiful b/c i sit in meditation twelve times a week for three months. But it helps.

It way helps. In fact, it's the practice that counts, builds slowly like soil, and like a forest reaches climax over several generations—over lifetimes of countless trees, fauna, plants and fungi of wild and boundless variety—and so too we mature as we live in attentive and loving harmony with what is.

How do you go about finding anything? By keeping your mind and heart on it. Interest there must be and steady remembrance. To remember what needs to be remembered is the secret of success. You come to it through earnestness. —Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

surviving mindfulness, and what it opens

Nis is my man. Bless.

Dear young people—for i'm old today—be wary, not paranoid, but pay attention. Life is rich, with pitfalls and gardens, Joy and sadness of the deepest loss.

Mindfulness means becoming aware, and it wasn't until i'd been practicing for decades that i realized that being aware comes w/ a price. We get to feel sad along w/ Exaulted, we get to celebrate as we mourn.

Sometimes we get to dance with tears streaming from our eyes.


Being mindful isn't easy; sometimes i manage to pay enough attention to get by another breath. But oh what a breath is is.

Study now.

Study yourself.

Be kind, always.

Without kindness, we fool ourselves.

it's all more than ever imagined

Celebrate everything you humbly can, please, time feels short.

Imagination is limited first by the boundaries of the fuzzy quiet-lands, that ones that float beyond the edge of knowing. Beyond even that perception, beyond everywhere we can go—and the more we pay attention, the farther we can go—we become everything.

fractal ceilings

You try it, or not. That's your choice, but mindfulness is not suddenly all is right and good. rather, it's exploration into new realms, worlds of untapped awareness, new ways of thinking that are lifetime's more useful than what i've thought before, clear-seeing and compassion-rich—contentment, even when happiness is hard to feel.

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