i give a too brief outline of Body-Mind Rehab Therapy


Body-Mind Rehab Therapy is a practice which

In the Pediatric Development and Rehab Dept at Randall Children's Hospital in Portland, i have been doing body-mind rehab therapy since 2009; i work w/ patients, usually between 9 and 19, who have experienced severe auto accidents, have had brain surgery, have a neurological condition that has impaired them greatly, from from which they can get better. I'm there to help them elongate their own spine and use gentle, measured breathing to create a sense of personal calm. We stand, extend, twist—all the while breathing, and becoming more aware of our own strengths, our own healing capacities, our moods, helpers and path. I help by sharing w/ them skills they can use when they discharge from the hospital, body-based mindfulness practices that are accessible at school, home, work or elsewhere.

One young man, about 15, had a severe neurological impairment and a delightful disposition. When we began working together, his right shoulder was knotty and tight, and about 3-4 inches higher than his left, and we worked on being able to breathe purposefully, and while so doing, slowly loosen the tension in the shoulder. It took about 4 weeks, but his mother reported that he had much more energy and was in a much better mood, once he was able to let down the burden in his shoulder.

There are no extra-ordinary aspects of body-mind rehab therapy. At its simplest, it's a focus on helping patients (and sometimes their parents) to reduce stress, and thereby free up needlessly wasted energy which can be directed at healing, and to increase self-awareness, to bring the mind and its perceptive and attention-setting skills brought to the fore, in place of worry or doubt.


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