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All Love is like the Sun, which shines without reckoning. The sun is Brilliant b/c that is its Nature.

So too All Love.

All Love just is, and to each of us, makes itself Sacredly Present and available.

A suggestion: do not make clouds for yourself that obscure the Light. Do not stoke smokey fires of conflict, for you make your way harder, more filled with pain, and you will likely spill that pain out on others.

Hence, the first step.

Come to Standing, Stand Tall and Breathe In.


Let out your Breath and Ground and Breathe Out.

Come to Stillness, Cease doing,

Take In, and align w/ All Love,
Decide, then
Act with deepest Compassion.

When in doubt, Love, and do what you will.

When in doubt, Do Nothing, yet leave Nothing undone.

Bless, m


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