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To cut to the chase, people hurt others to keep them from the Light. They violate them so 40 years of nightmares pass to work through the reverberations of the assaults.

mindful brilliance

So we must be Light, and shine.

The opposite of Loving well are actions that hurt people and cause harm, that carve safe space for nightmares. Job and family become hard to hold. Money is scarce or idolized, and sometimes decades of self-hatred can be instilled by one group of people into another, from one malign individual to kin.

We who value Light must work toward illumination every day, with earnest kindness.

[read this section w/ caution and safety]

Take as a working example, sexual violence against children. it's a horrible horrible thing; it scars and brings torment and fear, terror and Despair. I have been almost close to this madness, vicariously, and it's a powerful storm of torment and derision.

I have come to believe in many cases, it is used as a direct, intentional tool by powerful people, to demean and debase individuals and whole families, to literally infect people with evil energies that will distract as many of us as possible from All Love for decades and generations.

the fabric of society

In Sheffield, where i had dinner and went dancing just last Saturday, there is word of enormous police incompetence or deliberate complicity in failing to respond to hundreds of allegations of violent sexual abuse. the work i am blessed to do in England is just 18 miles from Rotherham.

It's unpleasant, but i do take time to sit with all that. This planet houses great ugliness, and great evil, along w/ a vastest of Beauty we can not yet even comprehend.

So be Light, and shine.

The Light is All Love. It's the space between our breaths, the infinite Loving now that sustains and houses us every moment, each amazing breath we get.

whither the Light

Why does all this misery and violence persist?

answer: because certain humans become addicted to an extreme of earthly pleasure, and convince themselves they need like oxygen, the transient desire that can only be sated in flesh: sex, food, booze and thievery; even lying can be addicting. the desires burn bright and blind.

Some people are willing to terrify others to fill their hungers. This is not good. Not only do these people suffer an absence of deep Love, they deny that experience to others.

There are ways past all this of course, there are ways to live in Love, that uplift and bring joy to others, paths that surmount, rather than deepen fear.

Love... and do what you will. Simple as that.


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