i see bigger patterns, old and often ugly ones...

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The scale of things, the patterns that swirl in and out of being, systems and subsystems, let's look, even if it's ugly...


There are numerous large, detractive, meanly destructive systems at play in the world today. Evidence of their civic and spiritual malfeasance can be seen in their behavior, and in the outcomes of their actions.

This stuff is hard to write, to hold awareness of. It is not a subject filled with kindness, of any kind.

These are patterns of intentional harm, violence against others, all the while couched in garbs of rectitude.

Two cases: the Catholic Church and the British government, and both have admited it.

For centuries, they have not only tolerated, but at times fostered—systematically and randomly both—violation of young people. There is nothing not horrific about their actions as well as their silence! Whatever good they have done is outweighed by the temerity and evil of their violence against children.

The British Home Secretary, Theresa May, was quoted quite candidly this week:

"Theresa May warns the public still do not grasp the scale of child sex abuse in Britain, saying it is 'woven into the fabric of our society'"—Daily Mail, (06:08 EST, 14 March 2015)

Pope Francis admitted that at least 8000 priests have sexually abused and violated children. Eight Thousand!!! There should be zero, one should horrify any sane person but 8000!! That's flat out evil. (BBC News, online, 13 July 2014 Last updated at 11:52 ET)


There must be redemption, otherwise i go batty. So let's assume there is, envision it, cause it to come true.

These violations were planned, funded, undertaken and systematized, over decades and likely longer. They were hidden and covered up. Yet now light comes. We are light.

I mean to shine more light.

We who revere Love should notice. It's not pleasant, but seeing all is needed, no deep shadows any longer.

And forgiveness? Do tell...

For those of us whom this hurts too personally, you're not alone. we're working on it. We are light.


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