i honor survivors

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for those who know demons

I've known demons, the night terror kind, the day terror kind, the gun in the face kind. I've been attacked by malign fiends that meant me harm, and i've heard stories far worse than mine. So too, i've met people utterly without scars.

There are times—hours, days... where i acutely feel unpleasant energies all around me, mal'aria or miasma, rippling currents that interweave with planet-wide news of misery and mayhem.

What i set out in these paragraphs is simply an exploration of ideas, a trying to make sense, a search for meaning. Take none of this as gospel of any kind, but i would be thrilled if even one person found this useful. It helps just to write it all down.

a step back

Chimeras (gargoyles) of the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris overlooking Paris, France First, we have to have some common language for this exploration. I'll use words, and we'll see what they evoke in each of us.

I have concluded that each person is a unique thought of the Is, God, the Creator, the Divine Mother—a single flower in a seemingly endless meadow more vast and various than every species that's ever lived in earth or someone's imagination, a richness of cosmic proportions. Within this Love-made world, we may be one cool wisp in a solar storm but we are eternal, b/c we are of God.

It's a question of boundaries, really. Where do we each begin, and where do we leave off? Who or what am i, and where are the edges?

I have some ideas, perhaps a syllogism:

  • we are parts of a whole
  • the whole is eternal, Loving and perfect
  • our core nature derives truly from this core spark
  • we have embodied to experience and perform (to live!) in these 3d and 4th dimensions

OK, a start. This has already grown to four essay parts, which i'll let out over the next few days.

Blessings, m


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