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i have a body

what Vietnam looked like when i was a kid I had a lovely chat w/ my friend Helen today, from Each Amazing Breath, and one of the lovely places we celebrated our full agreement was the notion that we are embodied to enjoy being embodied. We are given the chance at exuberance, joy, delight, rapture, grounding, breath, spaciousness, levity and presence pure and complete. Each moment!

We are invited toward Exploration, not Abnegation. Simply let lie fallow that which doesn't serve, and earnestly nurture the rest. That is plenty.

Some moments are best left un-remembered—bless the body for shutting off memory and executive functioning during times of most heinous stress—but that dissociation cannot leave us unconnected from the refulgent possibilities that come with being alive in these bodies with these minds right now. Present tense.

We can dance, even from wheelchairs, and we can reach our arms heavenward and call out in deepest gratefulness Thank You God for Making ME!!!

Thank You for letting me live in this Garden planet.

Be the center of your own universe. Everyone has to; it comes w/ the flesh. Allow in the best, exude your finest, feel all that is healthy for you, and dart away from the rest.

Stay light, inside and out, and behold, behold as much as you can, in the quiet awe of a child watching fireflies before the thunderstorm washes the morning away, and recreates everything anew again.


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