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from my friend sg...

My friend and i were in a conversation about yoga service and she noted that so many of us who have gravitated towards serving this way (or who have been flung from the inside towards this healing) often have our own pain we're trying to overcome.

To serve others while we heal ourselves with yoga and mindfulness requires that we not only practice (and practice and practice) every day, it truly helps if we are fully honest with ourselves, and transparent with others. This doesn't mean being boundary-less, it just means being truthful.

My friend sg wrote about this transparency:

To arrive at the doorstep of this work is a calling; like answering the prayer of vulnerable energy needing respite after years and years of wandering. To pass over the threshold requires a deep and constant (or at least consistent) surrender into self-study, to look at where our foundations are cracked, to admire the patch work knowing that it will hold for a while but maybe not forever, to bump into our studs just so we can know where to safely hang our loves, our needs, our desires and our work.

To build that house with full length windows that can let all the light in is a bold choice of design because also the shiftiness of unpredictable twilight as well as the pitch of darkness get their views too. You have to meet yourself (and love that self way hard, i hope) no matter what, because you built it that way as a model home for others to not be afraid of their own shadows. Windows can do that, beautifully too. To gut the house of ego and purpose just so you can rebuild it into something where everyone can come in, find a seat, raise their voices (and their glasses), celebrate, mourn, discover, eat and learn requires a set of balls, not unlike two ornamental decorations on the front lawn because every house needs a little curb appeal, well balanced of course with seasonally appropriate and flamboyantly native plants. Thank you everyone for helping build our souls' homes; for being a porch light so that we can walk safely inside.

I am cleaning the drapes of my soul today, tying them back with a sash and letting in a bit more light.

Blessings all, and thank you sg.

Yrs, m


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