i write about bodymind as one

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That would be the equivalent to bodymind, the local and timing of body mind's unfurling.

Having heard for most of my life, decades, that 'body' and 'mind' were separate i finally came to learn that was wrong. Kept apart by an em-sized space or 'quote marks' or a period and a Capital letter, i found instead that i was more powerful to know bodymind as one.

an early clue was learning that our intestinal system is sensate; our gut is replete w/ nerve cells like the brain is. What had before seemed passive or unthinking was kin rather to spinal cord, vagus and sciatic nerve, and scattered clusters of neurons and friends throughout the system. That's good family.

One more stone removed from the false edifice that our bowels are merely mechanized flesh specializing in the breakdown of food to nutrients and the passing of waste, absorbtion and elimination; No, they are sense organs end to end, capturing stimuli and discerning infromation from the outside world in vast quantities.

brain was stoked to know this and nodded welcome props to belly and its crew; we all ponder the nervous system as a whole.


this was for me revolutionary, and made requisite that i show up different.

cues from midbody are now considered in much richer light. Rather than mere information—shit now, get protein—i discern finer instructions, steer clear of that person, avoid that choice, move toward that one particular possibility we might have been shy about; gut knows stuff.

'body as machine' let me care less about our constituent flesh save striving for a robotic well-being. Now i see gut as living contributor to my welfare, a neural team member of unique skill and un-matched perspective.

queen arthur

bodymind is run by commitee; we all are round-table wise, particular counselors, and in my head i, i am comprised of mind, brain, nervous systems, flesh, will, desire, and all the other aspects of self, soul, let alone Self and other representatives of Spirit.

it's not merely we are grossly hungry, no, we want a winter kale, slaw, and walnut salad. we want certain nutrients, a certain quantity of mass and heat, something that requires as little energy to process as possible. we have other stuff to do.


so we discussed the very real possibility that mind was not separate from body but rather that they were one and brain seconded the motion and we all beheld and knew instantly this was true. We passed the resolution unanimously, and ever since have viewed bodymind as one thing.


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