i outline a numerical versioning system which helps me write documents...

the "Writing Itself" collection:

  1. versioning
  2. on writing

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this method is derived from good practices in software development. software is built incrementally, moving towards "release" with the best velocity the team can muster.

in writing, i like to version pieces, b/c it helps me nurture them consistenly.

versioning "standards"

in personal writing, i am the team, creator, writer, editor, publisher. when engaging in professional writing, where collaboration is at the heart, i need ways for the editorial team to keep track. as such, i devised the following, both as notes to self, but also as signposts for colleagues:

  • Version 1.0 is a complete, published version.
  • Version 0.9 is where we are ready to do proofreads and co-decide to approve it
  • Version 0.8 is close, days away
  • Version 0.7 is rarely used.
  • Version 0.6 is work in progress, good forward momentum
  • Version 0.5 is first good attempt at a strong effort.

Within each of these, there are sub-sections, so a version that is "close" to being ready for proofreading is a 0.8, and if i've been working on that for a handful of writing sessions, there will be 0.8.1, 0.8.2...0.8.10, 0.8.11 (it's not decimals, meaning .0.11 always comes after .0.2, even though two tenths is higher than 11 one-hundredths).

One-dot-oh is publish, hit the button, call it good (enough) and send it forth. The Felix book book made it to 9.9.2 before going on sale, b/c there were so many internal publishing moments.

In some of the postings on this site, i'll include a versioning note (and a link back to this page).

Thank you.


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