me     Soul
i view myself


yeah, me.

what, who, am i?

great question. spend time.

my answer

so i say i am a thought of the Divine, a wish of All Love to share itself w/ all of Creation.

it is a role i take quite seriously.

remember to dance

anyway, to the point, it's ego that needs study, and work. I'm not saying ego is bad in any way, but it gets carried away. let it not do just that. guide it, create spillways and universes for will and ego to romp and play. it's how things work best on a good day.

when it sucks

take note: exploring is fine, and i relish that. but my labeling it ‘sucky’, i fear, tends to make it more so. it’s not like i’m simply observing that it sucks, b/c it is, but in addition, by calling it sucky, i make it more that way.


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