i consider the cost of the aftermath...

possibly related

consequences and implications

Of course there is a cost to all this post-traumatic reverberation.

There is consequence and implication to every action, every thought.

Everything willful obeys Newton's law, that every action has an equal and opposite re-action—that's amazing in real life.

time spent

i txt'd myself: a thousand transactions a minute fills the brain and makes...

a stamp, ddr, bridge

...makes dealing w/ ordinary stuff more difficult.

that's the rub, it takes time to be post-traumatic, to be depressed. it's a project, to survive with succumbing to despair or some specific threat; there's plenty of those, and you see half of them, which is enough to keep you wary, b/c there's half as many mayhems hiding, waiting for their chance to exist, to play themselves out. demons gotta live too, so they'll tell you, and who am i to deny them life.

just stay away from me.

so what?

so you dance, and keep moving,

b/c what else?

and Love.

bottom line

what does it cost? in terms of time, energy, money, qi, goodwill...? what does it cost? what have i to pay with? you know you'll take it anyway. at least let me be useful, what do you need?

what is the cost to me of this transaction? tell me first, please.

if you wish to share my time, be clear, and humble.

seek, and you shall find.

Bless, m


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