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and then?

i have allowed, through real and habitual need to survive, smallness and separation to be seen as real, and it's not, b/c any sense my ego has that i think i am, is not, b/c i am temporary. the ego self housed in this bodymind will vanish upon our life's extinguish'ment. that's big, at first at least, but the good news is it's really very very small. We are much vaster than the blips of lifespans we are each now living.

So what to do w/ this knowledge? Well, the simple answer is to sit or stand taller, strong and full. Breathe deeply, w/ gentle noticing. Begin to let your sense of self grow bigger, the reach of your awareness widen in all directions outwardly, and expand infinitely within. Explore the notion that you, you, are way vaster than you've ever believed. You are not just a single wave on the ocean, you are the Ocean. you are not just a few billion atoms of carbon, you are all carbon, living this moment in that body right now, as you, you!!!

so, taking the ocean as an example, when i move/see/fuck/dance/eat/care/ask/hug/say/anything, i am not only doing it 'on behalf' of Love, i am doing it 'as Love'. my 'body', the vehicle with which i experience, sense and move, live through each of these moments, my body is not just my fleshy vessel, not just my tissues and nervous system, but my 'body' is All Love, is the entire Ocean of All Creation.

i see now that it takes a deftness to be able to accede to that, to accept that this is the most true expression of our Being that is possible, the most True, entirely True, and it's awesome, in part, b/c i lose nothing. I Am Love, and i still get to enjoy and live in this time- and earth-bound body; i still get to dance and swim and dine w/ people i love dearly, And, i get to be All Love. how awesome is that.

a shift

the core shift this brings is that my actions i now see are part of something vaster that it makes most sense to be as mindful as possible of everything i put into the world. there truly are no secrets, so just do the right thing and stay out of trouble.

this luxury we must find and make for everyone. that is task number one, our God-given opportunity to do something precious.

this i've learned from exploring the space between each breath.

as such, a key step is to augment my narrow range of ego-based, bodymind needs and desires, with the desires of All Love, which are few and simple. All Love wants for each of us to know we are Love, and to Love as much as possible, to know we are each amazing; suffering is not required, and together we can create a world where suffering is something from the past alone. We have that much power, and that much support.

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