the "Momentary Post-Survival" collection:

  1. first glimpse
  2. do it well
  3. postlude

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leave yourself as little refuse as possible, drop no trace if possible except those ripples you intend to create, like soundwaves vibrating through energy ponds, clouds across the watertop.

stand tall and open, fully present to each moment, and in every blessed moment you can, do only what is needed by Love to magnify Love, what is desired simply by Love's desire to share itself with all of us.

i get bodymind terrified we'll get blindsided again, but we maybe we don't need to live afraid every second of all the time.

so how to let down...?

maybe living in Love is a type of letting down, and that's why i broke my ankles, so i'd slow down. body nods yes, 'dude, you never stopped, constantly shifting locales even when threat levels were at all time lows. Spirit collided w/ my right ankle and bones chipped. all so i would stop running 24/7

the universe had to break my frigging leg to get me to realize that i was habitually in flight mode, b/c i am good at it, at always moving, scanning, orienting; i am mad skillful survivor and i'm proud of it and i love the fellowship of survivors, and



and i need to be more than that.

i need to be more Love.

i am already Love.

more All Love.

i am just glimpsing this, so still inchoate, but yeah.

to all of you who are fierce and willing and curious about All Love, thank you.


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