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What lives in your yes?

Where does your Yes reside?

Ask yourself, take the time it takes; this is important—or not, whatever. Whenever i write 'do this or do that', take it with mad skepticism. I'm just another guy with a keyboard.

what are your Yes's?

...and where do you find them?

This universe, these universes we inhabit, are constantly asking us one question: what now?

It has two parts; the deeper is, where is your Yes? What so drives you wild with Joy, that to negate it is slow-drip suicide to the soul?

It's not lack of joy from a missing yes that's deadly, it's lack of trying. i accept, except my own needless timidity.

Attainment is overrated. it's the witnessing, and the honoring (by trying, at least) that's key.


Ask yourself the most audacious questions possible: why are you here? what now? what do you love more than anything else? what would you die for???

Go to the edges of Yes and look around, like coming to the rim of a smoking volcano and asking who made this, and why? What's in it for me?

Pray to be rung out like God's kitchen rag, put to use, made to live and breathe and do what you were meant to do.

south of here...

There's a song from 1971, it's Dickey's song, and it's audacious. I'd take it to other galaxies with me if i was allowed only one tune—one tune to convince every other species in the universe that we're okay, we from earth; we're more good than not.

Blue Sky please, Mister Bluebird says hi; i'm just walking down the road—minding my own mad business—by the sweet flowing riverside.

There, it's always yes!

Yes, please, more. Bring it on God, let Life flood over me with such abandon that i have no choice but to experience everything plus the Majesty of all this [sweeps his hand widely].

Flense me, cleanse me, have your way with me God, whatever you need, i am yours. Treat me pure; i Trust. Please, for what else is there but details as far as the eye can see. I want more. I want everything and Nothing, all of your Creation every breath, and i'm willing to pay the price b/c you are All Love, and i'm am Safe. I am yours...


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