i am super grateful to know any kind of spaciousness...

the "Box Set #1" collection:

  1. mad spacious
  2. unexpected elegy

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the cup

I was imagining a room, Vasthalla i named it (total derivative of the whole cool Iceland vibe), big enough for floating trees. I was imagining a bequest upon me as Odin might bestow: to be tasked with, and capable of, carving a great hall out of the mountainside.

near another river

The room is part carved out of granite the size of Half Dome, half covered by earth and forest roots, a thousand fingers holding the fortress safe.

Vasthalla was created out of raw Audacion what and grateful i am to be able in my imaginings to visit and sip tea in the far bottom corner café and look up to see light shining through a mined diamond crystal skylight in the rocky ceiling, some half mile high. and floating about in that carven room are trees, roots held in double glass bubbles—the outer one filled will neutrino-enriched helium—and so fifty odd trees drift and swirl slowly through the ambiance of that enormous single space.

post and beam

And i imagined that as an image for me of spaciousness, and those trees could be thoughts, and the curves of the ceiling starscapes.

scale beyond humanity, but what is most profound is that that space is held by Love. you can actually see it, no matter how big you envision the universe, it is held by Love. when you see the world for what it is, a part of the universe, a coming together of matter just so, trillions of potential human collisions over the billions, finding more rest higher up.

Because when i can behold that, i realize that i can be, and in most ways already am, all that.

What i behold, i am.

I can be vast, as vast or vaster than my imagination.

an axiom

Be very suspect of anyone who tries to take away your time for imagination, and contemplation.

outbound, thoughts to a dear friend

had a bit of sweet ripening Tuesday, like sadhana bearing fruit…

haven't got it all sorted, but it was like becoming a quantum level more spacious, like 770 times more spacious, and it makes all the difference.

the spaciousness, when the mind can perceive in a big way, when it can see farther, away from its own misery, it feels Love much nearer. that's Amazing.

as we were able to see, we can make it so.


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