i miss Larry

the "Box Set #1" collection:

  1. mad spacious
  2. unexpected elegy

It takes courage to live well on Earth.

Jacob Bronowski described people—and roughly i paraphrase—as a splendid coming together of form. We are Life meandering on Earth, patient, curious, and persistent.

in steps

We exist in this complex evolved form only because it is more stable, ever less agitated. Stability is calm, a state of rest, lowest possible energy expenditure to persist.

Two Oxygen atoms find each other, more stable as one than two. At times, two oxygen pairs find arrangements with phosphorus, hydrogen and a troop of carbon more content than just floating as pairs alone.

This is evolution, the drive toward high-energy ease, towards islands of complexity in the vastness of the universe.

We humans are form, and stability stores life like a cistern, and cisterns hold stories...

near a river

Dr. Bronowski wrote, Nature works by steps. The atoms form molecules, the molecules form bases, the bases direct the formation of amino acids... and thence proteins, cells, and organisms small and one day large. We outrank in complexity all bacteria (hence they swarm), and bacteria outrank boron atoms say, more information packed into contiguous, connected space than not, frames of energy existing in four full dimensions and more.

about Larry

lots of tears this morning… Larry Novick died last week, i hope well.

i was hard-missing Larry's voice and his super glad-to-see-me every time our paths crossed smile; every time!

Larry helped Felix get better. he helped all of us, and always w/ sincere Love and big Kindness.

it was Larry dying that made me think of form, and our seeming improbability. i was feeling sadness of the moment, of missing, and i decided to practice being spacious, and truly curious. what actually is Larry? i use 'is' bc i feel something of him in my own being.

being waves upon an ocean—distinct for a moment—we are soul particles stretching between lives, carrying out desires while scrambling back to Love.

there is sadness, yes, and...

i remember Larry, recall his voice w/ great fidelity, and can easily re-feel the feeling of care and comfort that he shared with me, just with his mere presence! Walk in to see him, and big smile, warm handshake, pat on the back, and instantly the body stands down; he taught me that. i used to have fierce burning back pain, and yoga made is way less worse and somewhat better, but it was his super attentive noticing of my exact particular bodymind which allowed me to be more free; but there was more. after that arrival to greater, he'd fine tune me with with tiny adjustments.

We all surrendered to him b/c he was worthy of our trust, and then we felt better.


Bodymind misses Larry terribly, finds that there is a hole in the storyline, a small section ripped out of the whole cloth, but we can feel him again, hear his voice, so i will bow to that incredible gift, that even though his bodymind has end [ouf, tears...], i am better for knowing Larry. i share that, keep that near to hand, nurture it, b/c it's Love, and Larry came from somewhere before here, and now he's left again; but somehow, imagining hundreds of trillions of molecular collisions, zillions more cellular transactions, each striving like salmon upstream, to ascend to greater ease, greater stability, greater groundedness—and from that mayhem we came to Life, to behold how incredible All of this really is.

We are connected, for real. This i wrote two days ago, before i had heard about Larry's dying, but after he died. I was writing about us all being connected. So that feels good.

Hi Larry. We send all our Love!!!


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