Wherein i am sad, and Beloved

So suffering a bodymind experience of loss. the details of course are huge, and in retrospect tiny enough that getting through is possible. it's odd to feel so sad, and so blessed at the same time.

my entire bodymind is sad, my soul is light, and Light. we are unburdened as we suffer. it is odd, bent like Picasso or Dali.

the details of loss are common; you'll find them inside of you right now. those, through the particular lens of me, and Love has a very tripy experience of its Creation. i, true scion of Love, am mourning.


so look right to the Heart of each person you meet. that's the place to meet the God in everyone. gaze there as you abide in your own fullness, and enter into the Love that you find, the Love that resides always inside of you.

unpack that miracle, maladroitly worded as it is, how we can relate w/ Love merely by seeing love in every person that lives.

reside there, dwell in All Love, even as an experiment to start.

the best way to describe it is i used to feel and believe that the limits, the real boundaries of my existence were the shell known as 'me', little 'm' all the way.

do this: behold your self, whatever that is for you. notice the farthest reaches of the net you cast known as 'you'.

now, know that that world of yours, is held within an universe uncountably vaster, and that vastness is made simply of Love. you are okay. you are Love.

constant vigil for how fragile it is

constant celebration for the extent of the Magnifigence.

overwhelm all around all the time... next breath, even more of the same and more.

squeeze out every drop of Life's elixir from this experiment known as you. you are unique, unmatched, and vastly important.

and now i have to relive all the times i was too near death and didn't want to be, b/c death is near again, and loss, and yeah loss is temporary, but i still grieve.

i don't want to lose the light.

we get to vigil, to be reverent every breath, ever


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