I was musing about the German languages convention of capitalizing nouns, die Dankbarkeit for example.

I am glad there is no such untouchable rule in English orthography, for one primary reason. If all nouns are capitalized, then there becomes no difference between grace and Grace, or Desire and desire. The lack of that simple construct would bother me, b/c i find it important to perceive a difference between home and Home. The former could be any place we feel safe enough to pass the night, a spot on this planet where we leave a few things and come back to day after day. It might be a dwelling we maintain and live in for decades, or it could be a dear friend's couch-bed during a time of much needed kindness from outside. But Home is altogether deeper, richer, more. Capital H Home implies a greater meaning, a one-of-a-kind precious bit of humankind that is worthy of cherishing and nurturing w/ greatest care.

Capitalizing can also carry over to words that are harder to bear. Sadness, for example, and sadness. Small-case sadness can be any of a multitude of deficits one can experience—in one's body or emotions, or repeatedly re-lived in memory, both cellular and mental. But Sadness is altogether different; my friend sg wrote: "...because if it's Sadness then it has little do with a connection to Love, or having enough to eat, or not having a flesh eating disease, but a chemical thing; that darkness is pitch."

I wrote back: "i think of Sadness as this gigantic glacier, super massive, miles high, cold obviously but not malign. i don't feel any of the Capital letter things to be malign. they have their place in the Universe(s).

"but Sadness, for some people at some times, and for some people so much that it leads them to suicide, does its work by blocking the ability to feel All Love. it makes itself so big, or it simply is so big, that the person in the shadow of Sadness, in the lee, away from All Love, on the dark side away from all Blessed Illumination, the eclipse is so great that bodymind feel that it will never end. it's probably part chemical, part memory, part bodymind experience and cellular alignment to what has gone before…"

The only remedy for Sadness i've ever found is ALL Love, the Is, the Source of All Life, the Beginning of Everything, a substance or energy so Good that nothing, and Nothing can overpower it.

In the end, we all return to the ocean of ALL Love, and dwell there again, Home.


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