Title: Resting inside a Wilding Time

Join Molly Lannon Kenny and Mark Lilly for this day of deep connection and restoration. Molly and Mark have served amazing, resilient people facing enormous life challenges for decades, and have been close friends and mutual support for over well over ten years. Join them in this opportunity to be nourished in heart, mind and body.

In this day-long retreat, you will be invited at this very important time on earth, to step deeply into the center of your own practice.

You will be supported to:

  • identify your sources of renewal

  • connect intimately with your own spiritual practice

  • nurture your own active, caring, 24/7 practice by surrending deeply and rising clearly

  • share sacred space with fellow humans

  • allow yourself to be fed through deep, authentic heart connections

To renew is to feel safe enough to step out for a moment from all work and just be.

Take this time before the conference starts to settle in and re-calibrate from daily life. With the abundance of information that will be available to you during the conference, as well as all you have to share, allow yourself to begin the weekend being inspired and nurtured by two of the most profoundly authentic and loving teachers you will meet on your spiritual service journey.

There is a call for each human to awake to their own unique Truth, Beauty, and Power. This workshop supports that planetary coming of age.

we can’t have marginalized and traumatized in the first two lines. we have served amazing, resilient people facing enormous life challenges. These challenges take the form of physical ails, trauma at the hands of others, mental health systems out of balance within the complex, tumultuous worlds we live in.

then close friends and all that…

plus i like the phrase civic marginalization as well as.

plus, i want to foster a sense that there is basically nothing but doing the practice. even if it’s tending children or a garden or making stew, that’s all practice.

wild and wilder on this end. will be fun to catch up. mind-blowing really, new experiences and senses of our present reality.

either do Love, or be Love.

that’s what the workshop is for me, and the “practice” is the doing of those two things.

thanks for being more precise w/ grammar and formatting and such; like i said, a wilding time

Resting inside a Wilding Time


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