the "EAB.Connect" collection:

  1. EAB ConnectHub
  2. single signon
  3. the system stack

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Connect Hub


  • people who are brand new to this material, want to
    • learn new things
    • catch up to colleagues
    • learn about us (social justice, privilege...)
    • learn basic vocabulary ('service', trauma, safety ...)
    • learn about continuing education credits
    • figure out how to signup for stuff
    • learn about stuff to buy
    • figure out funding opportunities
  • and people who might, or about to train w/ us
    • information about training they are signed up for
    • chance to meet classmates before training starts (introduce self, arrange housing, carpools...)
    • chance to know pre-requisites
    • chance to read about trainer
    • create a profile for themselves
  • we want to serve people who have trained w/ us
    • access to add'l material
    • place to ask questions (of whom? only their branch, or all branches of people who have trained the same?)
    • place to post stories (success... can be vids or whatever)
    • place to showcase themselves (like think of Victoria H. from FL1)
    • place to learn about upcoming trainings, workshops
  • and people who serve as trainers w/ us.
    • in-house training material (train-the-trainer etc...)
    • standard versions of handouts etc...
  • paid people, general (not covered above)
    • learn real time, practical ways of personal and profressional practices


  • public courses, yes, which are wide open and general
  • then online learners courses
  • then supplemental to in-person peeps


so how will this serve people who have already done trainings? what's the incentive

  • community
  • refreshers
  • new research
  • exemplars
  • and they can ask questions (forum)
  • seek connection (community)
  • one on one intra-community messaging
  • different tribes, like SY, EAB, BR, EBT...


  • you create your own Lineage Tree by participating in different events/gatherings/workshops/trainings...


  • Tree is like an organization or whatever
  • Branches are the living progeny of that Tree


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