the "EAB.Connect" collection:

  1. EAB ConnectHub
  2. single signon
  3. the system stack

The details

The technology of EAB.Connect comprises mutliple parts.

  1. Central users info store - this is a secure, minimal database for storing user names, emails, and basic information. This runs a CAS Server (a Central Authentication Service) on a Drupal 8 instance, over https w/ ssl, b/c security.
  2. Service provider applications - these websites run various pieces of software, mostly built around PHP and MySQL db's running versions of the Drupal CMS.
    • Learning Management System (LMS) - currently Opigno, but can be swapped out due to SCORM, and due to flexibility of internal patterns for creating and building courses.
    • Social & Community software - currently Open Social, which is very strong and well put together, with an interesting case study you can read.
    • File delivery - there is a need for the unglamorous task of making sure that people have access to raw files, mostly pdf's of reports, links to videos, links to online practice cards.
    • Commerce site - this need isn't certain, but a way to sell videos, books, and the like.


The desire is for this tech-system to be brandable by other organizations, but we'll start with one.


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