i scratch out words

possibly related

just that,

don't you always feel at 9pm, or 3am or whenever your day ends, that you are super insanely lucky and grateful to have made it through the waking hours w/o catastrophe?

relish that!


days later

still here.

seriously, there is a truth to this that is intense. each day, serious threats to one's existence are rife, everywhere.

the bus driver who slept too little b/c he doesn't have enough to pay for the orthodontist, his daughter's last best hope that he would be the dad she always wanted...

the pharmacist with hidden fears who over-compensates once too often...

anyway, back to the matter at hand, survival, and once that, living well. anything else for the agenda?

ok, we begin.

  1. if, and in case this isn't your present reality, and in case you aren't always feeling on guard all the time, try this:

    1. imagine that you need to account for as much of all reality every five seconds as you physically and mentally can.

    2. Imagine that if you miss something crucial, calamity will rain down upon you with a vengeance.

    3. account for every sound, every movement sudden or otherwise, every inflection in the time-space continuum. Go ahead, it's hard.


life's complex. do your best.

to wrap this up, each day, count your blessings. they are plentiful, the catastrophes avoided.

it could have been worse; truer words on a grim day have never been spoken.


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