the "In the Alley Behind Sadness" collection:

  1. sadness
  2. sadness part 2
  3. muzzle velocity

possibly related

just saying.

of course i can't believe that—not for long at least—that we're that fucked. this place is Amazing, Earth. are you kidding?! look around.

it is only smog and smug blindness within that keeps me from seeing how truly astonishing all this really Is. for Real.

The Great Train Robbery - 1903

my job, despite the sadness, or maybe with the sadness is to help folks know they, we are not alone we are all loved each of us way way more than we'll know till we're gone.

two times around

so, the thing is about this vision of my own execution, the scattered bits of bodymind that i could see , i know that i got an experience of death without having to go there, do that; some people do that every day; that's madness

some days i work that bloody edge

because Love.

from dark places, Love not sadness

could be sadness but Love

Love is capitalized b/c it's eternal, sadness is not. that makes all the difference.


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