i am grateful no bullet struck me

the "In the Alley Behind Sadness" collection:

  1. sadness
  2. sadness part 2
  3. muzzle velocity

possibly related

now is fast


ok, you get 3,500 ft/s to not only decide, but move and since we're talking 1/8 of an inch, you don't have much time. we're talking one second divided by 3500 feet divided by 12 inches divided by 8 (the inverse of 1/8). 0.000003 seconds, plus the .31 seconds for pulling the trigger, a third of a second from cranial obliteration.

fuck that.

mad thanks to whoever or whatever helped stay my execution, suspend hopefully forever that particular catastrophe. i send it to Love for processing.

burning ring of fire

down, down down and the flames went higher.

the great disconnect i see is between people who know post-traumatic, and those who don't.

i guess another one is between sociopaths and ____ what? empaths, truth livers...

Gotta drill it in, never giving in Giving ups not an option, gotta get it in Witness I got the heart of twenty men No fear, go to sleep in the lion's den That flow, that spark, that crown You looking at the king of the jungle now Stronger than ever can't hold me down A hundred miles feelin' from the picture smile Straight game face, it's game day See me running through the crowd full of melee No trick plays, I'm Bill Gates, Take a genius to understand me -Flo Rida, 'Good Feeling'

not sure yet, but getting closer.

in the meantime, Love.


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