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As i don't believe in Coincidence (coincidence yes, but not capital C), i take nearly everything very serious. When my friend Helen introduces me to the Alchemy of Nine dimensions, i pay attention. When i sit w/ the notion that you and i, all of us, live in the 3d and 4th of at least nine known dimensions, i sit quietly and listen.

The Mayans, for example, allege that 2011 was the beginning of a ninth phase/level/dimension, the era of "Conscious Co-Creation". Phases can be segmented into seven (chakras and Incan 'attentions'), into three (the sounds of AUM, Yogananda, Rendezvous with Rama...), eight, four, whatever. I find them all fascinating, and don't particularly see Singular Truth in any of them. They are all part of the Richness.


a helper

The notion that has been in my head of late, the reason i put these words into motion this evening is this: in Barbara Hand Clow's writing, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions included, we are resident in the 3d dimension, that of blood, breath and kale, the hot-wet of bodies and metabolism. We also share the 4th dimension with fellow humans, the realm of thoughts we blend together, which bring chronology and possibility to any earthly equation. That all makes sense (small 's'), and many ways of understanding think as such. There's more.

Check this: rather than being a 3d and 4th dimension being, striving—against gravity, erosion and my own blindness—to achieve some sort of ascended state—i am instead on a mission, a 5th dimension being of All Love here on Earth to help others however i can. My zeal is inward and i have willingly accepted the erosive and muddy entanglement of time-bound life. Accept, then plunge in. Hence the desire to write all this down, and dance—and yes, the desire to dance.

I am thus no longer trapped by the pull of age and weight, i am free; i am visitor here, a guide along the way to remind myself of simpler things than the confusions i create for myself in my own mind. Step one, do no more harm. Stop, rejoin the beat and jump back in.

fifth dimension, of Love

I asked of the elders for guidance and information, and i was given a brief tour of the dimension of All Love, the fifth dimension... it's an entire womb in which we live, an entire container for each of our universes.

Dwelling regularly, daily in All Love makes me much happier, and it makes the struggles that arise in the friction of everyday living that much more bearable. I have a mission, a home-base in Love, a next step.

St. Augustine again: Love, and do what you will. Love...

Bless us all, m


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