Stories unfurling, like walking back along a magic carpet

i have long been fascinated by the ever-rolling story that runs through my head, with me as the main character, interpreting events and ascribing meaning to happenings small and vast alike. I embelish the characters i come across—which i guess sometimes is you. Hi.

It's like being in desert dune buggy racing through the Mojave sands, or bobsledding at high rates of speed, careening around toppled tree roots that offer to mangle... and then the stillness—or the illusion thereof or the truth behind.

i use words where others use mathematics to describe the wonder they are beholding, and others music and sound, or visual media like paints and colors and streaks of moving energy across a canvass or alleyway wall.

we are meant to Live, as fully as possible, so the Divine can experience Life in the only way possible, through us. Be heroic. Have as much fun as you can, be as helpful as possible, give Love a standing ovation. What else, right?

Love, m


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