i trip on god...


so god planted the tree, the one w/ the apple in that one origin story, a particular couple tempted to leave the eternal garden of now—the one that exists before and after curiosity—and replace it w/ a hunger to know, to see what if...

god wanted to see what would happen if... god wanted us to choose; that was the original wondering.

my friend H said she remembers the first 3 seconds after the big bang... there would have been such an explosion of matter and energy, crazy high velocity extended across scattered raw material in an expanding orbit of zillions of inches per second. and the sound!

they say Aum was the first sound, or close to it. imagine that, like literally, as a practice. hear what it sounds like.

and so what? always stay skeptical, don't believe everything you think. the real deal is not so much those first three seconds, as incredible as it was to set all the constants of our universe—making pi 3.14 and the mass of hydrogen equal to 1.00794 u ± 0.00001 u—it's more.


imagine beforehand the thought that proceeded the big bang, the thought that caused it all to happen—for there was a thought, b/c the universe is made of matter and has details that could only come into being w/ something as mundane as thought.

H said the god of All Love simply wanted to share itself (how sweet is that); so enamoured was this precious eternal Love w/ the magnificent perfection of its own existence, that all it wanted to do was share. it wanted us to imbibe, to plunge in, to be Love ourselves. To share, it had to create parts, and create people to perceive and experience the roiling Beauty of it all. Love can't feel any of this without us, and as Swami Satchidananda said (at least per twitter): "Everybody is needed in this cosmos. Be proud of your existence."

Alan Watts explained that each of us—at whatever particular, utterly unique nexus of here and now we find ourselves at—is experiencing each moment of existence on behalf of the entire universe, like the entire universe is a living being whose nervous system is us.

the whole secret, i've been led to believe, is that we have that power too, the power to create entire universes w/ our thoughts. ponder that, then act in Love, or don't act at all and just be Love.

Just be Love, and when you do, do Love.


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