Deploy. Put into action. Turn on the switch, publish, go public, become accountable.

Deploy is like the third or fourth step in a series of steps that i'm constantly trying to figure out—rephrasing, adding nuance, trimming hubris and other indelicacies. Deploy has an energetic quality that i like to behold.

what inspires you?

Step one, stop, stop being lame, do no more harm, stop altogether—for a moment at least. Take stock. Take a breath.


Are my thoughts, actions, and intentions aligned w/ All Love?

If yes, breathe out in mad relief that i haven't screwed this life up.

If no, breathe in, we have work to do.

Step Two, give thanks. And breathe, slowly. Enjoy every curve of the breath moving in and out of your body.

Step Three, intend.


Step Four, do, act, deploy. Set in motion.

Small example, when you are sending an important email, there's a moment before you hit send, a suspended moment where the opportunity to decide is at hand. Two roads diverged, and the river wants to keep moving so which way sir, where do you want us ma'am?

It's cool to consider, not only interesting to notice these inflection points, but fascinating to slow down enough and ask: who is it that is deciding? Is this the same being as i who write these words, even though hours have passed between observation and documentation?

I don't know; it's one of the big reasons i write: i'm curious.

What's your reason for getting up each morning? What's your spark?

I'm curious.

Bless, m


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