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Each Amazing Breath

Each Amazing Breath is a not for profit organisation that specialises in resilience and capacity building. We offer a range of Services to help foster strength, focus, creativity, and vitality in diverse settings, including work, school, home, and community.

We see everyone we work with as strong, and no one as broken. We see, acutely, their deep challenges, and celebrate their resilience, and we put forth our resilience-building to help even those dealing with on-going or past traumatic experiences.

Take Five

Take Five is a safe, universal resilience building skill set based on breathing, grounding and awareness.

In short, Take Five helps people foster feeling more stable and better able to address pressing challenges in their lives, whether it's anger, anxiety, or simply the desire to belong.

Take Five students tell us they can concentrate better, teachers tell us the classrooms are quieter and more focussed. They help learners on the playground, with oral presentations, before exams, and even on the coach to a football match.

Take Five is focused on helping individuals develop greater personal capacity and individual resilience. The work honours where each person is at any given moment—builds on our strengths—and is safe and applicable for nearly everyone. The practices and activities of Take Five can be used at work, home and elsewhere.

Take Five—undertaken on a regular basis—brings a few key benefits: * Greater sense of personal well-being * Increased ability to focus and concentrate * Increased ability to manage stress and navigate challenging situations.


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