i wonder about my place in the universe

k, breathe

for real with me,

we are here

i am as present as i have ever been

just breathe with me. two breaths,

i get that tears are close

i get the sore, i so do.


we are getting close, though,

traversing giant ion storms

i am well aware,

but it is not for nought

not by a long shot,

bc game on

and we are not losing.


i’m paying mad attention, you?

your being sore is temporary and there’s no friggin’ chance this is bringing us down,

just saying.

not now not now, only now

that’s how i do now,


we’re good.

rb, rambling boy...

bend in the river

i'd like to have a plant and name it ziggy.

deke back

in a small pot on a windowsill, ziggy.

ziggy and ella, that's his girlfriend they would have you know.

i like that word, deke. move with sweet quick alacrity then resume normal velocity, fit in, merge w/ the flow like a pedestrian undneath St. Pancras station, or Grand Central.

so you do. so what?

well, it means you're alive.

i digress from our topic, what is Love?

we are blessed

we are Love

stuff is happening that is Good and bigger than us.


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