i am grateful to others who've invested in all of us

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I certainly understand your frustration, and your point of view. I have been caught in a trench of dark skepticism, many times, but escaped just in time. However; even at the risk of believing a ridiculous fantasy, I must condemn the conclusion, and denounce your assertion as "defeatist". In the game of base ball, there is an old saying, used to teach young batters about athletic confidence. "You miss every pitch you don't swing at".

In the game of human survival, striking out is not an option. Getting on base at least, is the only reasonable outcome. With training, confidence, and vision, one may even hit a home run, a grand slam. I refuse to believe, or submit to defeat by admitting that the human race cannot be compelled by education, and harsh confrontation with reality to commit itself to a new paradigm of sustainable living, and international cooperation. It merely requires the superior leadership skills that arise out of necessity as they always seem to do when the chips are down. By merely recognizing the nature of our situation, we become aware, and then able to create new solutions, and opportunities. Openness, truth, education, training, preparation, recognition, understanding is the key to civilization, and longevity, not despair, fatalistic reclusiveness, fear, paranoia, and inaction. The choice is unavoidable, and the result of our endeavor will be the satisfaction of knowing we gave the best evolutionary try we could muster. "You miss every pitch you don't swing at". We might even hit a home run. Tickets on sale now. See: Everything is a Rich Man's Trick


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