i am... and can't believe i am so Blessed

possibly related

to me

micro transactions... daily exchanges that run billions each hour, planet Earth—comforting to know that i am not alone. But of course i am, and never was.

every breath matters and each moment—a maxim, a sweet cardinality of living, a place to plunge in...

Then what? or Now to be precise.

well... Love, and carry forth.

Mt. Saint Michel, Wikimedia

Mont St. Michel, France

tides move constantly to remind us of small 't' truth, notions that persist as people do: Everything matters and nothing lasts, aka there's nowhere to hide, nowhere to remain unseen b/c Love, sacred Truth fully and w/o revocation, a sweet cardinal quality of being alive, and comforting.

we are ok.

way more than that, but that is enough and enough is plenty.



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