i notice the simple choice of Love

Out walking, in supplication

The current configuration of my entire nervous system—including how it relates to less sensate parts of my being like fingernails and foggy memories—dictates a great deal of what i perceive as "reality".

these worlds i inhabit demand an experiencer, the infamous 'i', and i perceive clearly each day that bodymind could cease to persist at any moment; lifespark will one day discard its dweller's abode should heart or brain blows first. Thirteen years inside ptsd  has bequeathed me a litany of daily reflection; it will all shift, it always does slow or fast, close or far i don't know but shift it will.

fog trees - https://pixabay.com/en/fog-forest-nature-trees-woods-1837025/

The meantime, primal singular choice what to do right now? Who am i to say? and no one else...

what is 'real' grows from what we do, what i think, what we don't do, what i live through any given moment. Thoughts too, when we bind to them become actions, and amid all that i am left with now.

I behold in Awe the All Love of all Creation, i am Love and still i'll be home for tea.

That simple constellation of action and presence is everything. Each moment of every life is filled only with now, and how we choose to show up to that—nervous systems notwithstanding—is the inchoate, fully elegant First Choice, and decides what we become (but not who we are).

When doing, do with utmost compassion. When not doing, witness Love in humble Awe, and be (and dance your Breath).

See: bodymind

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