i am grateful for Helpers

from the ethers, words and music

stream towards us with mad abundance. all the info we need is at hand, dear Helpers.

Love, help out, and do what you will.

Celebrate we will

Because life is short but sweet for certain

We're climbing two by two

To be sure these days continue

These things we cannot change

—Dave Matthews>

whatever else

those lyrics, that song, present tense, one of those 'we already won' affirmations...

yeah we do

we get to listen, hear, feel, think, breathe, mourn and celebrate, over and over again. we are Blessed. we get to Love. we get to say thanks and lend a helpful hand, and all for free!

wild abandon

b/c that music ​is​, and we get to hear, and we get to watch dave do ​his​ thing with skill and abandon.

what else would i ever want to do but that in the name of Love, whatever my best is, these words, teaching, being a dad...

Dave goes for it; bless. that's almost always the only thing i admire in people any more, when it's aligned w/ Love

going for it, plunging in... anyone who goes for it, in any of a zillion ways..

showing up-nesss. Bless.

The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong. –Vivekananda

hands open

to fellow Helpers i offer these humble words in wishes that it helps you get closer to Home.

we are on a Sacred mission. We may only sense that this is true, for each of us, but study yourself in the quiet of past-midnight, and trace down the trunk of thoughts from now to what's your most authentic self. Track down "I Am" and "i want" and i am curious and humble, please...


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